Jeremy Twigg


A few years ago I discovered a renewed interest in painting through classes at Articall. My initial interest in drawing quickly developed into a passion for painting.

I was drawn to painting by the colours of a warm palette; red features in nearly all of my work.
In recent times contrast has become an important element in my paintings, with deep sea blues and vivid greens used to offset the warm vibrant tones of red and gold.

Oil paint is my preferred medium and I like to paint on timber because the solid surface suits my robust painting style.

I paint organically, usually from my imagination. While my initial point of reference is colour, form usually emerges in each piece as the work evolves.
My shared studio adjascent to Articall Gallery usually receives late afternoon light. The natural light provides a fresh perspective on the colours I use and exposes the bolder and warmer colours that are a key feature in my work.

In my other life I am a barrister where my palette is usually much greyer. However my job provides me with an interesting balance between the practical and the creative. I enjoy both lives, although I would prefer to spend more time in the studio.

Jeremy Twigg